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A Nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a mist and helps to treat Asthma. They come in various models Electric or Battery Versions. Various shapes and sizes are available depending upon medications. Proper Cleaning of Nebulizer after the administration of the drug is the primary concern. The nebulizer can also be a portable nebulizer and can be used in traveling.
Nebulizers are available at Tabletshablet.com with an effective discount on all types of nebulizers may it be paediatric or compression nebulizer. Such as Accusure Nebulizer, Rossmax Compressor Nebulizer (Ne100), Smartneb Nebulizer, Smartned Plus Nebulizer, Smartneb Mini Nebulizer, Sara+Care Mesh Nebulizer, Sara+Care Nebulizer Kit, Omron Nebulizer, Vertech Nebulizer etc.


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