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Our eye is one of the striking features of the body. It serves as a medium to see and observe things around us. But, due to the ever-increasing technology and gadgets around us, we have forgotten to take care of it. Almost everyone around is now having weaker eyesight or some eye problem. So, TabletShablet brings to you Isotine, a perfect remedy for all your eye problems, whether it be myopia or cataract.

Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drop is an effective and pocket-friendly eye remedy formulated by Dr. M.S. Basu, an Ayurved consultant, who has done extensive research on several Ayurveda herbs and Bhasmas to find out a remedy for various eye diseases. In addition, Dr Basu Herbal Eye Drop will not only cures your eye diseases but also improves your eye vision. It has a very precise and balanced combination of Ayurved herbs and ingredients.

Is Dr Basu Isotine Eye drops Safe?

Based on the use of Ayurvedic herbs and bhasmas, these eye drops relieve eye stress, computer strain and also helps in the improvement of vision. The company has made claims about the safety and efficiency of the Isotine Eye drops by reviewing many search results and practical use of it. Many doctors have also left testimonials on the Eye drop leaflet about its efficacy results.

Another reason for it being effective is that it contains Ayurvedic and herbal contents, making it more attractive to its customers. Regular use of this ayurvedic eye drop will treat eye disorders like night blindness, glaucoma, gradually reducing vision and persistent irritation in the eyes.

Isotine Features:

  • Contains a balanced amount of ayurvedic contents.
  • Helps in the treatment of Immature Cataract, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Glaucoma, colour blindness etc.
  • Improves eye vision.
  • For vision recovery after laser operation of eyes.
  • Palash, Apamarg, Punarnava, one of the popular Ayurveda herbs are used in Isotine eye drop.
  • Helps remove specs.

A Natural Solution to Eye Problems…

TabletShablet, an online medical store, provides attractive discounts price on best eye care products like Isotine Eye Drop. These eye drops also helps in the treatment of Immature Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular degeneration, Retinitis pigmentosa, colour blindness etc.

We have a variety of products like Isotine Plus Eye Drop, which are found to be very effective in improving eyesight for Post-operative Cataract. Isotine Gold Pack contains Isotine plus eye drop along with Isoneuron capsule, that ensures better eye care. All of the Isotine products are found effective in treating many eye disorders.

To know more about Isotine and to know if it really works, Check out our Blog: Is Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drop Really Helpful in Improving Vision?


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