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Pigeon Products

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the best experience one can ever have but it can also be a bit overwhelming as you want to give and do what’s best for your little one. Every mother out there knows what’s best for her and the baby. For a lot of new moms, the major problem is selecting the right baby care products. So, TabletShablet brings to you Pigeon baby care products, a trustworthy brand for millions of parents out there.

Pigeon, established in 1957 in Japan by its founder Yuichi Nakata, is one of the leading brands of mother & baby care products. The company aims to provide quality, comfort, convenience and affordability through their products, to all the parents around the world. Through its advanced research and development innovation, the brand promotes baby’s healthy growth and the happiness of the parents.

Pigeon Baby Products: For your Baby’s Complete Care

On becoming parents one would realize that babies cannot use the same products as us, their bodies are much more delicate. Therefore, selecting babycare products should be done carefully. You need to be 100% sure with the kind of products to use for your baby.

We, at TabletShablet helps take care of you and your baby by providing a wide range of Pigeon Baby Care Products such as Pigeon hand & mouth wipes, safety pins, training toothbrush, pigeon peristaltic nipple box, feeding set, etc are available. We facilitate only those products that are totally toxin-free, safe & promotes baby’s healthy growth.

The Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple Box comes with similar elasticity to that of a mother’s actual breast, encourages the baby’s natural suckling. Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield is for struggling breastfeeding mothers, who are not able to feed directly with sore nipples. It is for successful breastfeeding, use for flat, inverted, sore and cracked nipples.

Pigeon Children Toothpaste contains a foaming agent that helps to prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum in children. Pigeon Training Toothbrush is specially designed to clean and protect your baby’s soft gums and teeth. In addition, it is available in a beautiful pink and blue colour to make your boy/girl feel special.

Pigeon feeding set is specially designed for babies to enjoy learning how to eat. Slightly curve spoons provides perfect fit into baby’s mouth. Pigeon Cotton Swabs (Thin Stems) are made of 100% soft cotton with a soft paper stem. The 100 % soft cotton tip ensures maximum absorption without causing any irritation and redness to the baby’s soft skin.

TabletShablet takes care of you & your baby health by offering exciting discounts on different Pigeon products.

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