Neckfit Island Customized Pillow

This size of Neckfit Plus is for you if your neck length is between 4.75 – 6.25 inches long and broadness of your shoulders is 4.5 inches or less and you have a deep neck curve from back.


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  • Neckfit Plus is made for people with deeper neck curve. The pillow is stitched across its length and width in the center, creating a plus ‘+’ sign. It offers you ‘Occipital-pit’ for curvaceous neck and supports the deep curve in the neck even though your head is rested on the bed at the same level as shoulder. When you turn to your side, your head and neck are raised so as to maintain perfect spinal posture.

    Cervical spondylosis, shoulder, back and lower back pain are often result of NOT using a pillow or using WRONG pillow.

    As the name suggests, Neckfit plus is a Big ‘+’ if you have deeper neck curve. Neckfit Plus is a range of innovative pillows which adds a big plus of sound sleep to people who suffer from neck pain, shoulder, back or low back pain.

    Anything that comes in contact with your body, like shoes, garments, glares or rings, are comfortable only if these are made to your body shape and size. Neckfit is the first pillow in the world that is

    tailor made to your size yet
    available as ready stock.
    The stitching intersection in the middle, the ‘0’thickness point, is called the Occipital-pit of Neckfit Plus and touches the surface of the bed. It means, when you use Neckfit Plus, your head rests on the bed and your spine is in its naturally correct position.

    The slight bulge before this Occipital-pit on Neckfit Plus along its width fills in your lordosis or deeper neck curve, supporting and resting your cervical spine. The distance from long side edge of the pillow to its parallel stitching in the center is as long as your neck. While on your back, the unique design of Neckfit allows you to rest your head on the bed as if you are not using any pillow, at the same time filling in your lordosis with required thickness.

    When you turn to your side, Neckfit Plus gently elevates your head and rests it higher at about 3.5 inches (thickness of Neckfit should match the broadness of your shoulder minus 1), in alignment to your neck. Neckfit Plus is obviously a big Plus for people having deeper neck curve (from back).

    No matter how many times you turn from your back to side and back to back, once you start using Neckfit Plus, you would never have to adjust your pillow for height or hunt for a pillow fallen off the bed. As if alive and awake, Neckfit takes care of your neck, letting you slip into a refreshing sleep!

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