St Johns Industrial Kit Small SJF S2

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  • Product Name:id ?St Johns Industrial Kit Small ? SJF S2

    Pack Size:?The pack size is 27*20*12 cm.Total number of components are 119 pcs.


    St JohnsFirst Aid Kits professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing high quality first aid kits for various industries. The Brand ST JOHNS stands for the quality. ST JOHNS Industrial Kit(Medium) is well designed for all kinds of industries. This model contains a very basic first aid components which are easily understand and used by the common man. A complete Industrial kit contains 119 components. It can be suitable for 10 persons.


    Metal cabinet SJF

    Compartment 1 Small Wounds:

    First Aid Guide – 1pcs

    Antiseptic Cream 10g ? 1pcs

    Safety Pin ? 10pcs

    Cotton Tip Applicator ? 10pcs

    Adhesive Plaster 19 X 72mm ? 10pcs

    Adhesive Plaster 25 X 72mm ? 5pcs

    Adhesive Plaster Round ? 3pcs

    Adhesive Plaster Square ? 3pcs

    Adhesive Plaster Knuckle ? 4pcs

    Wound Cleaning Wipes ALC ? 5pcs

    Antiseptic Wipes ? 5pcs

    Sterile Gauze Swab 7.5cm ? 2pcs

    Sterile Gauze Swab 5cm ? 3pcs

    Microporous Tape 1.25x5mt ? 1pcs

    Compartment 2:

    Sterile Gauze Swab 10 Cm ? 2pcs

    Sterile Burn Dressing 5cm ? 1pcs

    Sterile Burn Dressing 10cm ? 1pcs

    Sterile Adhesive Plaster 6x10cm ? 1pcs

    Sterile Dressing Small ? 1pcs

    Sterile Dressing Medium ? 1pcs

    Gauze Bandage 5cmx3mtr ? 1pcs

    Dusting Powder 10g ? 1pcs

    Absorbent Cotton 15gms ? 1pcs

    Sterile Eye Pad Oval ? 2pcs

    Compartment 3:

    Triangular Bandage ? 1pcs

    Gauze Bandage 7.5cmx3mtr ? 1pcs

    Wooden Splint ? 1pcs

    Tourniquet Easy Usable ? 1pcs

    Instant Cold Compress ? 1pcs

    Compartment 4:

    Breathing Mask ? 1pcs

    Gloves Examination ? 2pcs

    Scissor 5.5? Tough Cut ? 1pcs

    Tweezer Plastic ? 1pcs

    Compartment 5:

    Electrolyte Powder 4.5g ? 2pcs

    Antiseptic Lotion 50ml ? 1pcs

    Eye/Ear Drops 10ml ? 1pcs

    Crystal Violet Paint 10ml ? 1pcs

    Pain Cream 10gms ? 1pcs

    Burn Cream 15gm ? 1pcs

    Paracetamol Tablet 500mg ? 10pcs

    Asprin Tablet 75mg ? 14pcs

    Tincture Iodine 20ml ? 1pcs

    Covers for Amputated Parts ? 1pcss




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    St Johns

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